Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Free of charge, NetBanc24 gives you secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, while helping you save time and eliminate hassles. Check daily transactions, access unlimited bill payment services, and more.

Plus, receive mobile alerts to track your daily balance, or receive alerts when your balance is getting low. You can even export account and transaction information to accounting software.

  • Around-the-clock access for added convenience
  • Check daily transactions
  • Use secure bill payment services
  • Receive mobile alerts for daily balances and low account balances
  • Review your loan payment history
  • Check the maturity of a CD
  • View five check images a month at no charge

Online Bill Pay

Nobody enjoys paying bills, but this service makes the process faster and easier. Manage all of your bills from our user-friendly Payment Center. At one convenient location, receive electronic bills, review your payment history, make automatic payments, receive e-mail notifications, get payment confirmations, and much more.

  • Save money on postage stamps
  • Save time paying bills
  • Make money management easier
  • Payments often arrive faster
  • Set up payments in advance

Learn more in this online bill pay video.

Money Alerts

Follow these easy steps to enroll in this free service:

  • Log into NetBanc24 with your User ID and Password
  • Click on New in the Messages section right below Welcome
  • Select the type of alert you want to set up, then click on next
  • Select the account for the alert and input the information required for the type of alert you chose.
  • Tell us where you want the alert sent:
  • Receive alerts in your NetBanc24 Online Message Box.
  • Receive alerts at the email address(s) you prefer.
  • To receive the alert messages on your mobile phone, enter the email address your cell phone provider uses to distribute text messages from you. To find this information, send a text message from your phone to your own email address. Open the email, and find the sender's address; enter this address when setting up your alert.

PopMoney® is a cutting-edge service that lets you send money to friends, family, or anyone at all.* You just need their name and email address or mobile number to move money from your bank account to theirs.

  • Overview
  • Log into F&M online banking to access PopMoney
  • Use mobile apps when you're on the go
  • Sending Money
  • After signing up and creating a PopMoney profile, simply click the Send Money tab and select your bank account
  • Next, enter the recipient's name and email address, mobile number, bank account number
  • Picking Up Money
  • You'll receive an email or text message letting you know there's money waiting for you
  • Requesting Money
  • Log into F&M online banking to access PopMoney and select Request Money
  • Next, enter the name and email addresses or mobile numbers of the people you are requesting money from