Foreign Currency

If you have a need for foreign currency, we have you covered. Here are some of the international products we can help you with.

  • Order foreign currency banknotes, online or at any of our bank locations.
  • Order foreign currency traveler's cheques in Euros or Canadian Dollars at any of our locations.
  • International wire transfers can be processed in U.S. Dollars or numerous foreign currencies at any of our locations.
  • International drafts may be purchased at any F&M Bank location. Drafts can be issued in U.S. Dollars or numerous foreign currencies.
  • International Currency is available in numerous currencies and can be ordered at any F&M location. Or if you prefer, you can order the currency through our website, and have it delivered directly to your home or business.
  • Forward Contracts eliminate the fluctuation risk of foreign currency. This product is used to "lock in" the current exchange rate, to be delivered at a future point in time.
  • Foreign Currency (Banknotes) in most currencies.

Learn more information or place an order for any of these services conveniently online.