Receivables Solutions

  • ACH Debits & Cash Concentration

    ACH Debits & Cash Concentration

    Expedite your receivables by billing customers electronically. Plus, add greater control by consolidating multiple accounts into one single account.

  • Remote Deposit Capture

    Remote Deposit Capture

    Deposit checks faster and safer, without leaving the office. Our secure service is available anytime, and funds are quickly accessible.

  • Lockbox


    Streamline corporate financial management with the automated nature of lockbox services. Items are securely imaged and viewable in the same day.

  • Merchant Card Services

    Merchant Card Services

    Offer your customers more ways to pay and watch your bottom line grow. We provide everything you need to process credit, debit, and gift cards.

  • Cash Vault

    Cash Vault

    Ideal for companies with a lot of on-site cashflow and order deposits, Cash Vault provides specialized reporting and same day memo credits.

  • Image Archive

    Image Archive

    Image Archive creates viewable digital images of your checking account items — saving your business valuable time and resources in the process.