Payables Solutions

  • ACH Credits & Direct Deposit

    ACH Credits & Direct Deposit

    Make electronic payments and expedite employee payroll through direct deposit. It's fast, reliable, and more convenient for you, your vendors, and your employees.

  • Wire Transfers

    Wire Transfers

    Initiate secure transfers, domestically and internationally. We offer several types of outgoing wires, including repetitive and non-repetitive wires.

  • Image Archive

    Image Archive

    Save yourself valuable time — view digital images of your checking account items — including checks, deposits, and items deposited on your PC.

  • Reconciliation


    Add greater security with reconciliation services. Simply upload your check issue file, and we will ensure your checks issued match your checks paid.

  • Positive Pay

    Positive Pay

    Help reduce fraud by reducing your exposure to fraudulent activity. Positive pay helps prevent duplicated paid items and voided items from clearing.